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Trash-packer arrive Ly Son Island

PostDate: 12/03/2019; 24 CountView
​Last weekend on March 08, in Ly Son island district, the event of picking up trash at the beach was taken place on the occasion of Global Trash-packer 2018.

"Trash-packer" and March 08 is the day of the global trashpacker community, including Trashpacker Team VietNam.


It was Trashpacker Team VietNam who launched the nationwide scavenging program on March 8 with the goal of helping Vietnam enter the Top 3 cleanest countries in Southeast Asia.


On March 8, while all over the country carried out this program, in Ly Son island district, with the call of the group “For a Ly Son without Plastic Waste”, the Saigon Compass team supported calling for more volunteers to join the program.


On March 8, dozens of people including group members “For Ly Son without Plastic waste”, a volunteer group of Saigon Compass and young people in Ly Son Island participated in picked up garbage along the coast of the island and An Bình Islet – three miles away from the main island – with the spirit of creating a “Green-Clean-Beautiful” environment.




Volunteers also hosted a communication campaign to talk with local islanders about pollution and plastic waste and offer suggestions on how to reduce single-use bags.




The island – as well as a vast coastal area in the districts of Bình Sơn, Trà Bồng, Ba Tơ, Sa Huỳnh, Nghĩa Hành and Quảng Ngãi city on a total of 2,000sq.km – is being considered for designation as a Global Geo-Park by UNESCO.


Lý Sơn Island, known as the Kingdom of Garlic, has around 21,000 inhabitants, 73 per cent of whom make their living from farming garlic and spring onions, alongside fishing. It hosts around 200,000 tourists each year.




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