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Traceability of goods: anti-counterfeiting solution

PostDate: 07/10/2019; 7 CountView
Most products at Co.opmart supermarket in Quang Ngai with bar codes for traceability.
​Counterfeit or fake goods are the concern of consumers. Although the functional departments have concentrated on controlling, this situation has still increased.

Since July 2019 to now, Quang Ngai provincial market controllers has strengthened control the goods circulation, thereby detecting dozens of cases of trading in counterfeit goods of Vietnamese origin and of famous brands. The most fake goods are wines, cosmetics, ready-made clothes, and fruits, etc.

As forecasted by the provincial market control agency, from now until the end of the year, when the demand for goods increases, the number of counterfeit goods in the market may more increase. Therefore, people need to raise their vigilance in shopping and consumption.

The solution chosen by consumers to protect their own rights is to scan QR Codes  in order to trace the origin of goods. Currently, most of the genuine products at supermarkets, shops and agents were been printed bar codes against counterfe​it goods. Consumers only need to use their smartphones free installed the software for scanning QR Codes to scan  for a few seconds before choosing to buy the product.

The QR Code stamp for product traceability is a two-dimensional barcode that can read by smartphones with functions of taking photographs and connecting with wifi or 3G/4G network. After each scanning, the iCheck system will automatically send information about the origin of products to the user, including place of manufacture, manufacturer, distributor or business unit of the product. Users can also know about price, uses and components of the product.

According to the provincial Vietnam Consumers Protection Association, the commercial fraud, unclear-origin of some businesses in recent years have caused frustration for consumers, leading to declining competitiveness of enterprises and affecting the operating principles of the economy.

Facing this situation, many businesses in Quang Ngai have focused on investing in standardized production, printing product barcodes on packaging for consumers to identify their product before buying. For example, the packaging of Huong Xuan hi-quality rice product of the Central Seeds Co., Ltd is printed with barcodes.

For export, the application of bar codes to traceability of products and goods, especially agricultural products, helps consumers and stakeholders can trace information quickly and accurately, thereby helping businesses to penetrate the international market which strictly requires traceability of goods in both production and trade. However, in Quang Ngai, the traceability of goods is still relatively new, so it is necessary to further promote communication.

Sourced from Quang Ngai newspaper, translated by Hoang Le

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