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The results of hi-tech agricultural production in Quang Ngai

PostDate: 11/09/2019; 78 CountView

High-tech agriculture is an indispensable trend of agricultural production, with special interest in the direction and implementation of the province and has achieved certain results.


So far, the province has licensed 18 investment projects in the agricultural sector with a total registered capital of over VND 1,000 billion. Of which the field of cultivation has 5 projects; the field of animal husbandry 11 projects; and 02 integrated projects.

Land use area of ​​the projects is over 472 ha. Typically, the project of a dairy cow food processing and breeding production project focuses on applying Vinamilk Quang Ngai high technology, OFB Mo Duc organic high-tech agricultural chain project.

Currently, many enterprises inside and outside the province have been conducting a survey to find investment opportunities in the agricultural sector in the province.

Regarding the production of safe and clean agricultural products, currently Nong Tin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. produces organic rice with an area of ​​44 hectares in Hanh Nhan and Hanh Dung communes, Nghia Hanh district. Annually, it supplies to markets about 200 tons of products.


For vegetable plants, there are currently 2 facilities that have been granted VietGAP certificates with a total area of ​​15.22 hectares, including Song Tra SV Production, Sales and Service Cooperative and QNASAFE High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd.

There are also 6.5 ha of production of organizations and individuals that have been certified as a food safety facility.

In the field of animal husbandry, the most outstanding practice is the crossbreeding of local cattle, the local breed has been improved by artificial insemination from Z ebu and specialized beef cattle with high productivity and hi-quality.

Up to now, the province's cow herd has reached over 70% of the total herd. At present, raising fattened cows has become a good source of income in Nghia Dung commune (Quang Ngai city), Hanh Dung (Nghia Hanh), Tinh Tra (Son Tinh) and Pho An (Duc Pho) communes.

Besides, the province has also implemented 02 projects to renovate the herd of buffaloes in the mountainous districts of Ba To, Son Ha.

In the field of cultivation, currently in the province there are more than 10 hectares of clean vegetables and more than 100 hectares of onions and garlic (Ly Son, Binh Son) are applying water-saving irrigation technology by sprinkler irrigation.

Regarding forestry, Nong Tin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. have been successful in the production of acacia seedlings by tissue culture method.  Each year, it provides about 1-1.5 million seedlings in the production forest.

In addition to the achieved results, the application of high technology to agricultural production in Quang Ngai is still limited and difficult.

It is a fragmented, scattered production situation in households, hindering the application of high technology in agricultural production.

Besides, human resources have not met the demand for hi-tech applied agriculture; policies to support high-tech applications in agriculture are limited.


Solutions in the near future

The province has set orientations and some solutions such as planning agricultural technology production areas. The province has a high tendency to promote the advantages of each region and locality, giving priority to investing in high economic value products.

It will prioritize investment in building models, research, application and transfer of science and technology.

It will review existing policies, thereby adjusting, supplementing and developing new policies to support and attract businesses to invest in hi-tech applied agriculture, with priority given to policies such as support for infrastructure construction, policies on land accumulation, preferential credit policies to support training of human resources for businesses.


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