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The province’s leader works with Mo Duc district

PostDate: 10/10/2019; 36 CountView

Speaking at the meeting, on October 9, with the leaders of Mo Duc district, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Dang Ngoc Dzung said that Mo Duc district is on the right track and achieved positive results in implementing the socio-economic development targets, especially in the field of Social-Culture.

For the last 02 years of the term 2016-2021, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requested Mo Duc district to review and adjust the plans, ensure the set targets. In addition, the district also needs to coordinate well and create a high consensus among localities with departments and sectors in dealing with issues related to the district's socio-economic development.


At the meeting, leaders of Mo Duc district presented the results of implementing socio-economic development targets and tasks for the 2016-2021 term of the district's Department of Literature and Literature.


To take priority for education socialization


Accordingly, with 43 schools at 03 educational levels, the district has been focusing on improving the quality of human resources with 100% of managers, teachers and employees meeting professional training standards. In addition, the policy of renovating teaching methods based on capacity approach, integrating topics on disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, gender equality, gender education, etc. has been deployed regularly.



From 2015 to 2019, the District People's Committee has invested VND 78,275 billion for building, repairing, upgrading and purchasing equipment for schools to serve teaching-learning activities. This is a preparation step for facilities, teaching equipment to implement the new curriculum and textbooks.


However, due to the limited investment in construction, repair and equipment procurement for education sector, so teaching facilities have not met the requirements of implementing new education program.


In the coming time, the district will give priority to allocating human resources, budgets and facilities and better implement the socialization of education, take advantage of investment capital sources for development of education and training.


Health sector has positive changes


In recent years, the district health sector has developed significantly. The health communication network in the health system from the district to the commune has been strengthened and improved operational efficiency.




Moreover, the professional qualifications of medical staff have been increasingly improved; 100% of CHCs have doctors. Material facilities and equipment are increasingly modernized; the health treatment quality has been improved, and technical expertise has been increasingly expanded. The spirit, service attitude and sense of responsibility of the medical team and doctors have made many positive changes.


By the end of 2020, the district strives to have a natural population growth rate of 6.9%; life expectancy maintain at 74 years old; the percentage of malnourished children under 5 years old is 8%; The percentage of health insurance reaches 95% of the population.


Culture, sports and tourism has been invested


Mo Duc district currently has 08 maritime service points in 05 coastal communes and the Prime Minister Pham Van Dong Tourism area, attracting thousands of visitors every year. In recent years, the District People's Committee has focused on calling and attracting investors into the field of tourism with 07 projects and total investment of about VND 1,100 billion.




With the available advantages, the district has been well implementing regulations on managing cultural activities in the area; encouraging socialization, create conditions for organizations and individuals to participate in construction investment and organize cultural and sport activities in the locality.


The district is focusing on developing tourism in the direction of high quality, diversifying and improving the quality of advantageous tourism products such as resort tourism, ecotourism, community tourism, spiritual tourism, etc.


Other fields such as labor, war invalids and social affairs; information and communication; science and technology, etc. are also being developed in a positive way by the district.




At the meeting, the district proposed some contents such as support funding to build classrooms, functional rooms for kindergartens to ensure semi-boarding activity; allocate funding for the construction of cultural and sports institutions in the district; promotion of the value of Sa Huynh cultural archaeological sites, etc.


Minh Thien

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