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Son Tay district marks 60th anniversary of its liberation

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​On September 5, Son Tay district solemnly celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Son Tay Liberation (September 5, 1959 - 2019). The ceremony was attended by Vice Chairman of the PPC Dang Ngoc Dzung; Vice Chairman of the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee Tran Hoa; representatives of provincial People's Council leaders, district leaders over the periods, officials and people of Son Tay district.

At the ceremony, Mr. Le Van Tung - Secretary of Son Tay District Party Committee delivered a speech reviewing the heroic historical tradition and achievements of the district during 60 years of construction and development.



Mr. Le Van Tung - Secretary of Son Tay District Party Committee delivered a speech at the event


In July 20, 1957, Son Tay district was officially established with the name Zone 7, consisting of 8 communes: Son Tinh, Son Lien, Son Mau, Son Bao, Son Dung, Son Mua, Son Long and Son Bua. .


On September 5, 1959, unit 89's force, guerrilla of communes and people rose up to attack the enemy and won, Son Tay district completely liberated, contributing to the uprising of Tra Bong and the Western of Quang Ngai.





Inheriting and promoting the glorious revolutionary tradition of the previous generations, the Son Tay Party Committee, authorities and people of all ethnic groups in Son Tay district have united efforts, promoted the spirit of solidarity, creativity and overcame many difficulties and challenges in hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, socio-economic development and important achievements.


The average annual economic growth rate of the district is from 16% to17%; The economic structure has been gradually shifted towards industry - agriculture – service.


So far, the traffic infrastructure is increasingly completed, in addition to 39 km of Truong Son Dong road, 15 km of provincial roads, Son Tay has invested in building and opening more than 131 km of district roads, 100% of communes have roads, meeting travel needs of the local people, promoting socio-economic development, maintaining security and defense.


The annual poverty rate has decreased by 5-6%. The district has been recognized as meeting national standards on preschool, primary and secondary education universalization.


In addition, social security work was implemented in time; The district has built 216 gratitude houses for policy families; supported 2,717 poor households to build houses under Program 167, etc.


Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Dang Ngoc Dzung acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the Son Tay Party Committee, army and people in wartime and peacetime.


Mr. Dzung hoped that in the upcoming time, Son Tay will continue to promote the spirit of heroism, courage, solidarity, dynamism and creativity in directing, stimulating and effectively using resources, contributing to build and develop the district.


At the ceremony, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Dang Ngoc Dzung presented 10 gifts to revolutionary comrades, former cadres and soldiers of 3 armed units 339, 89 and 299 and the former leaders of Son Tay district.


On this occasion, the provincial People's Committee awarded certificates of merit to 4 collectives and 7 individuals; Son Tay District People's Committee awarded certificates of merit to 10 collectives and 22 individuals with outstanding achievements in the emulation movement to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Son Tay district’s liberation.


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