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Son Tay district makes effort to invest in socio-cultural field

PostDate: 17/10/2019; 33 CountView
​On October 16, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Dang Ngoc Dzung and leaders of the provincial departments and agencies paid a field trip and worked with Son Tay district on the situation of implementing the tasks of the social-culture in the district.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Dzung acknowledged, appreciated and praised the achievements of Son Tay district over the years and hoped that in the upcoming time, the district will continue promoting the achieved results, complete socio-economic tasks assigned in 2019.


The Vice Chairman requested the district to continue paying attention to investment in education, health, culture ... contributing to improving knowledge and spiritual life of people of Son Tay, especially Cadong ethnic people.


The district needs to coordinate with relevant departments and agencies to set up specific plan in building and upgrading cultural and educational institutions in the district; propose solutions to effectively promote cultural institutions, historical and cultural relics in the area.



Education and Training have prospered


According to the district report, in recent years, the district has focused on restructuring the network of classrooms, preparing a contingent of managers and teachers to ensure the performance of education and training tasks.


Although facilities have been invested, some schools still lack classrooms, school buildings, public offices, and boarding areas. Many schools do not have functional classrooms, playgrounds, etc.


Health sector still faces many difficulties


In recent years, health facilities in Son Tay district have been strengthened; health workers have been regularly trained in order to meet the requirements of medical examination and treatment for people. The prevention of disease and health care for the people is improved.


The annual health target programs have met and exceeded the provincial plans. Population and family planning, reproductive health care and child nutrition are concerned.



The total number of people participating in health insurance is 20,283 people, accounting for 95.1% of the population.


Culture, sports and tourism need to be invested


Currently, the district has 01 cultural house which is designed to ensure the organization of cultural and artistic activities as well as organizing political events; 01 district stadium to organize cultural and sports activities and political events of the district. 9/9 communes have cultural houses, 36/42 villages have community houses.


The preservation and promotion of traditional cultural values of the Cadong people have been focused. The management of monuments in the district is always concerned and directed by the district. Movements of mass sports and school sports have been promoted.


The district also has some potential tourism areas such as Lua Waterfall in Son Tinh commune, DakDrinh hydroelectric reservoir in Son Dung commune.


Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs are concerned


Over the years, the district has often directed localities to promote and implement the policies of supporting the lonely, disabled, orphaned and helpless children.


Vocational training and job creation have been focused; the number of trained workers could find jobs and participated in local civil works.


In the upcoming time, Son Tay district will continue to invest in developing education and training, striving to increase the percentage of schools meeting national standards.




The district will also focus on ethical education; coordination to ensure school security, prevention of violent crimes and social evils among students; develop and strengthen the health network, improve the quality of health care services for the local people.


Minh Thien

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