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Solar roof power: new solution, high efficiency

PostDate: 12/08/2019; 96 CountView

With the advantages of the rooftop solar power system, many Quang Ngai residents use clean energy and reduce electricity costs in their daily activities.

New solution to save costs

Nguyen Thi Thao's family decided to invest in installing the solar roof system. The cost of investing in all systems of panels, connectors, batteries and iron frames, ect all cost more than VND 100 million.

Earlier, the electricity bill of Thao's family was under 1 million VND. But since using the solar power system, she has seen the efficiency of electricity saving.

According to Thao, 14 solar panels per day produce a system of 20-30kg electricity. Her family is comfortable.

Mr. Le Ngoc Quy's family in Nghia Chanh ward also admitted that he had the right choice.

According to Mr. Quy, the installation cost hundreds of million VND, but it is very economical.

Mr. Quy said that if there is an excess of electricity, I can sell it to the electricity company for more than 2,000 VND / kg.

In the last two months, only in Quang Ngai City, there are dozens of households applying to register as a bidirectional electricity trading contract with the electricity industry because of installing the solar roof.

Because of the increasing demand for installing solar roof systems, some businesses have expanded their operations in this area.

In which, there is Quang Ngai Green Energy Technology Development Joint Stock Company (Green Solar Quang Ngai) - one of the pioneering companies in solar electricity installation in the province.

On average, the company receives advice and installs about 30-40 kWp of electricity per month, equivalent to 6-8 households.

Mr. Vo Thanh Tri - Deputy Director of Green Solar Quang Ngai Company said the solar power system helps reduce the risk of electricity shortages across the country.

Electricity industry encourages


According to Pham Quach Cuong, Deputy Director of Quang Ngai Electricity Company, customers can resell power to the company.

Therefore, using solar electricity not only saves costs and protects the environment but is also considered a power saving solution, worth investing effectively in the present time.

Quang Ngai Province is considered one of the provinces and cities with great potential in developing solar roof power. Up to now, there have been more than 50 customers in the province installing solar roof power.

According to the calculation of the electricity industry, for households, it is possible to install a system with a capacity of 3-5 kWp.

Each kWp has an investment of 18-22 million VND, which means the cost is from 60 million VND to over 100 million VND.

After 5-6 years, with the sale of excess electricity from the system, the family can pay back. The system has a shelf life of about 25 years.

Currently, the electricity industry is encouraging, supporting and creating conditions for people to develop projects using solar roofs.

Pham Quach Cuong said: In order to connect the rooftop solar power, households first need to register to sell solar electricity to the electricity industry.

After that, EVN will check and test the technical requirements of solar power system, install two-way meters. Next, the electricity industry signed a power purchase contract with customers.

Every month, the solar power index transmitted to the grid will be recorded. Finally, the electricity industry pays electricity bills to customers every month according to the amount of electricity delivered to the grid.

Sourced from QNĐT, translated by M.H

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