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Smile care for 2,000 primary pupils in mountainous area

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​As evaluated, more than 90% of children have dental problems. In particular, children in mountainous areas have many deprivations and have no opportunity to take care of their teeth, this percentage is even higher.

At Thanh An Primary School, Thanh An Commune, Minh Long mountainous district, there are 9/10 pupils have dental problems, especially tooth decay. Shared by Mr. Thanh, Principal of Thanh An Primary School, local ethnic students are still limited in taking care of their own teeth.

Understanding the dangers of oral diseases of disadvantaged students in mountainous areas, recently, Operation Smile Vietnam in collaboration with the Provincial Children Support Fund has implemented the “School dentistry program" in Minh Long mountainous district.

This was the first time nearly 2,000 pupils of primary schools in 5 communes of Minh Long district have had free dental care.

In addition to the dental examination and treatment, the program also aimed to help mountainous students gain more knowledge, raise awareness and form daily brushing habits, limit school dental diseases for children.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Duc, Director of Operation Smile Vietnam said the goal of the program focused firstly on educating the children about dental health, then giving them dental care, secondly, helping the simple treatments for them.

This is also a community program to spread the awareness of preserving the teeth and preventing dental diseases in children.


Reportedly, this is the fourth year, the "School Dental Program" is operated by Operation Smile Vietnam in collaboration with the Provincial Children Support Fund in Quang Ngai. In addition to dental examinations, Operation Smile also provided free drug and oral hygiene instruction, free cream, toothbrushes to children.

The total budget for implementing the program is nearly 1 billion VND.

Said Mr. Bui Duc Tho - Director of the provincial Children Support Fund, in the future, the Fund and Sponsor will deploy dental program throughout the mountainous districts, especially the children of primary school age from 6 to 11 years old. It is expected to spend VND 1.5 - VND 2 billion to implement the school dental program every year.

To proactively prevent oral diseases for children, especially in mountainous areas, beside of improving knowledge and oral hygiene skills, the program  will give children access to oral health care services as well as effective preventive measures to prevent oral diseases.

Dai Kiet (sourced QNDT)

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