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Situation of new rural construction in mountainous areas

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​Quang Ngai currently has 164 communes participating in the new rural construction program, including 80 ethnic minority communes (including 64 communes in mountainous districts and 16 mountainous communes in plain districts). By the beginning of 2019, there were 7 communes in mountainous areas recognized as new rural communes. It is expected to increase to 9 communes by the end of the year.

Among the criteria, socio-economic infrastructure accounts for nearly 90% of the total investment in the mountainous and ethnic minority areas. Up to now, 100% of highland communes have had motor roads to the center, many traffic works have been repaired, upgraded and expanded.

In addition, with various fund sources from Program 30a, the Regional Development Program and the local budget, the mountainous districts have invested in road transport infrastructure to better serve the traveling needs of people.

Typically, the districts of Son Ha, Son Tay, Ba To and Tra Bong increase investment in transport every year, thereby forming and completing many arterial roads to connect regional development.

In Son Ha district, the district road system currently has 10 routes, with a length of over 154 km, including 72.2 km of asphalt roads, 36.7 km of cement concrete roads. The commune road system has 46 routes with a length of 178 km, of which about 40% are asphalted and cement concrete roads.



For Son Tay district, in the period of 2014 - 2019, from the state budget, capital for poverty alleviation, investment capital for the extremely difficult areas, the district has built about 250 large and small infrastructure construction works, with a total capital of over VND 400 billion, contributing to changing the face of rural mountainous areas. Up to now, the average criteria of Son Tay district reached 9.11 / 19 criteria.

In addition to developing transport infrastructure, power grid infrastructure in mountainous districts has been interested in investing, bringing electricity to remote residential areas. The national electricity network covers 100% of communes and 99.2% of villages and mountains have lighting electricity, more than 90% of communes meet electricity criteria.

Especially, from 2017 to now, thanks to central capital, Quang Ngai has had more especially difficult areas in 5 communes including Ba Giang, Ba Dien, Ba To, Ba Ngac, Ba Xa (Ba To district) use the national grid. Also from this capital source, some ethnic minority areas in Tay Tra and Son Ha districts will also be connected to the national electricity in 2019 and 2020.

The water supply system serving the production and daily life of the people has also been newly built and completed. To date, 90% of communes have small irrigation systems and rural clean water supply systems.

The National Target Program for new rural development has been implemented in ethnic minority areas and mountainous areas in Quang Ngai, contributing to socio-economic development, sustainable poverty reduction and improving the material and spiritual life for ethnic minorities.

Dai Kiet

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