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Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Le Viet Chu met with voters in Quang Ngai City and Tu Nghia

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​On October 4, the provincial National Assembly delegation, led by Mr. Le Viet Chu and the Deputy Head of the National Assembly Delegation Pham Thi Thu Trang met voters in Nghia Dung commune (Quang Ngai City) and Song Ve town (Tu Nghia).

At the meeting, the voters of Nghia Dung commune and Song Ve town sent many recommendations and aspirations for the provincial National Assembly delegation to submit to the National Assembly for settlement.

In particular, voters Nghia Dung commune reflected that Van Tuong market was invested and built 20 years ago. Currently, it has deteriorated and the area is cramped.

Nghia Dung's voters also raised recommendations on the policy of buying free social insurance and health insurance cards for people with meritorious services to the revolution.

Song Ve town voters recommend that the State pay attention to supporting vocational training, job change and job creation when the State recovers agricultural land to implement projects.

They also requested to increase investment in health care, ensuring medical examination and treatment for people; support farmers to find output for agricultural products because the current price of agricultural products is constantly falling while agricultural supplies are rising, leading to the unstable income of farmers' production.


Voters also suggested that sand exploitation on the Ve River is too deep, potentially causing subsidence and landslides.

Many opinions of the voters in Song Ve town suggested that the local government should support the investment in the construction of revetments against landslide north of Song Ve.

By now, the southern embankment has been built to change the flow leading to erosion of the North bank, affecting the lives and property of the people during the rainy season.

Recognizing the recommendations of voters, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Le Viet Chu has asked localities and leaders of related departments and agencies to answer each issue that voters raised.

In addition, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee also shared the issues under the jurisdiction of the locality, the province or departments, branches, in addition to answering on the spot.

The province will continue to monitor and inspect the implementation process to resolve petitions to promptly report back to voters.

At the same time, with the recommendations under the authority of the Central, the provincial National Assembly delegation will gather and send to the National Assembly in the upcoming session.

Sourced: QNDT, translated by M.H

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