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Professor Ashley Hollenbeck works with Pham Van Dong Phạm Văn Đồng University

PostDate: 06/09/2019; 51 CountView

During the working program in Quang Ngai, on September 04, Professor Ashley Hollenbeck - CEO of Institute For Village Studies - USA visited and worked with Pham Van Dong University on the cooperation and development of community education programs.

According to Professor Ashley Hollenbeck, the Community Education Project has been implemented by Institute For Village Studies in Vietnam since 2014, mainly in the provinces of Quang Nam, Da Nang and Hanoi.


In Quang Ngai province, through Doan Anh Duong Development Joint Stock Company, the Project was introduced and implemented in Dao Be (Ly Son district) and Sa Huynh (Duc Pho district).


Participating in the community education program, students could learn about the customs and culture of the local people as well as a lot of useful practical knowledge.


At the meeting, leaders of Pham Van Dong University expressed their desire to cooperate with the Institute For Village Studies Institute - USA in developing training programs between the two universities, in which, Pham Van Dong University’s students could participate in community education projects of the Institute For Village Studies Institute in Quang Ngai.


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