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PPC’s secretary Le Viet Chu met with the Authority of Dung Quat EZ and IPs

PostDate: 31/08/2019; 36 CountView
​On August 30, the delegation of Quang Ngai Provincial Party Committee led by Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Mr Le Viet Chu had a meeting with the Authority of Dung Quat EZ and the provincial industrial parks (the Authority).

At the meeting, the Authority reported briefly on the implementation of the projects, including: Tri Binh route - Dung Quat port; Ca Ninh Dam Residential Area; resettlement arrangement plan for Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Joint Stock Company and adjusting the general planning of Dung Quat EZ.

Currently, the construction progress of Tri Binh- Dung Quat Port route project is under construction.

For the main route connecting National Highway 1, it is currently working with the design consultancy unit to have a settlement solution, ensuring basic and thorough handling requirements.

Regarding Ca Ninh Residential Project, a total area of ​​63ha with 1,085 lots has been cleared and has been allocated a total of 145 land plots

The Authority proposed to complete the technical infrastructure of each region to organize auctions.

Regarding the resettlement arrangement plan for Hoa Phat Steel Joint Stock Company, the company proposed the location in 6 areas.

The company also proposed that the province should allocate land to be the investor of these resettlement projects, so that soon there will be new places to relocate people and land clearance for construction.

Particularly for the adjustment of the general planning on construction of Dung Quat EZ till 2035, with a vision to 2050. There has been a policy and is waiting for the Prime Minister's approval of the plan to organize bidding and implementation.

Concluding the meeting, Mr. Le Viet Chu, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, directed the Authority to be responsible for reviewing, re-assessing the problems and proposing solutions.

Regarding the project of Tri Binh road - Dung Quat port, it should focus on quickly solving reasonable proposals, land clearance to speed up the construction progress.

Particularly for adjusting the general planning of Dung Quat EZ, the province assigned Authority to implement the previous conclusions; consider and approve products of Dung Quat EZ's planning product of enterprises to research and implement if appropriate.

Mr. Le Viet Chu, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, emphasized that the objective of the province is that economic development must go along with stabilizing the life of the people in the project area”

Resettlement areas must ensure technical infrastructure, trade and services, so that people can soon stabilize their lives, he added.


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