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Nghia Hanh recognized as the new rural district

PostDate: 29/08/2019; 59 CountView
​On August 24, the provincial People's Committee held a ceremony to announce and receive the Prime Minister's Decision, recognizing Nghia Hanh district to be new rural district.

Nghia Hanh district is the first district meeting the new rural standard of the province. It is a p​ride in the process of developing and improving living standards in the district. At the same time, it is also a premise to achieve higher results in the coming time.

After 8 years of implementing new rural construction, the locality has mobilized nearly VND 1,500 billion from resources to invest in infrastructure construction and production development, creating a comprehensive change in all fields.

Up to now, the average income per capita is over VND 35 million per year. The number of poor households decreases to 3.43%. 100% of schools and health stations reach national standards. 100% of communes and towns have waste collection and treatment systems. The percentage of trained workers reaches over 50%. Over 90% of households reach cultural family standards, etc.

Determining people's income and quality of life is a measure of the results of new rural construction, the district associates the construction of new rural areas with the projects of restructuring agricultural sector.

It also invested in hundreds of development models in the items of cultivate, husbandry, large field development and the promotion of science and technology application.

Thereby, the district gradually established as many as specialized production areas with productivity and quality, quantity and economic efficiency, improve income for people.

Economic development has promoted the strength of the whole society and the internal force of the people in the construction of new rural areas. Nghia Hanh has reached the new rural district target as the target set by the provincial government.


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