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More than 694 billion dong for the road from Thach Bich Bridge to Tinh Phong

PostDate: 10/09/2019; 45 CountView
Thach Bich Brdige

The Chairman of the provincial People's Committee has just approved the investment project to build the road connecting Thach Bich bridge and Tinh Phong, with a total capital of more than 694 billion dong.

The main route is designed to be 4,825km in length, with the starting point intersecting with National Highway 24B at Km22 + 280, Tinh An Tay Commune , Quang Ngai city and the ending point at Km4 + 825 (adjacent to VSIP Industrial - Urban and Service Area, Tinh Tho Commune, Son Tinh District).

The road is expected to gradually improve the transport network; reduce congestion and ensure traffic safety on Highway 1, Nguyen Van Linh Street from VSIP Industrial - Urban and Service Area to the old Tra Khuc bridge; contribute to expanding Quang Ngai urban space, promoting local socio-economic development.


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