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Ly Son - Sa Huynh: The prospect of becoming a Global Geopark

PostDate: 15/03/2019; 24 CountView
​International experts said that Ly Son - Sa Huynh Geopark is full of potential, heritage values both geologically and culturally which could become the Global Geopark of UNESCO.

Converging many standards


According to Mr. Nguyen Minh Tri - Director of Quang Ngai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, since January 2018, the Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources has cooperated with the Management Board of Ly Son - Sa Huynh Geopark in order to conduct many surveys and assessments.


11 surveys on mineral, geomorphological landscapes and cultural sites in 9 districts and cities in Quang Ngai province has been organized with the support of international experts from France, Japan and Korea. Currently, 1,130 points in Ly Son - Sa Huynh Geopark were surveyed.


Through surveys, 110 heritage sites could become tourism route for the area of Ly Son - Sa Huynh Geopark. Domestic and foreign scientists have identified 81 heritage sites with many unique landform values, creating an exciting landscape for sightseeing.


 Many locations of Ly Son - Sa Huynh Geopark have unique and rich geological layers


It could be divided into 4 clusters: complex of Ly Son island heritage has many beautiful landscapes with natural museum of volcanoes, coral and ancient environmental conditions; complex of Northern coastal heritage zone of Quang Ngai includes beautiful beaches, basalt basins; complex of Southern Quang Ngai heritage has Sa Huynh cultural relics, freshwater and saltwater marshes; and complex of heritage area in Tra Bong area with waterfalls, mountains and majestic passes.


Assoc. Dr. Tran Tan Van - Director of the Institute of Geosciences and Minerals said that Ly Son Island, Binh Chau coastal and surrounding areas have unique and rich geological classes. This is the traces of many tectonic plates of the Earth's crust with millions of years ago.


Geological heritage in Quang Ngai is like a natural museum of rare volcanic activity in the world.


A lot of things to do


In order for Ly Son - Sa Huynh Geopark to be recognized by UNESCO as a Global Geopark, experts said that Quang Ngai has a lot of works to do.


The Culture, Sports and Tourism sector needs to complete the tourist routes, designing the posters, panels introducing heritage sites; implementing communication activities for officials at all levels, communities and schools; developing dossiers to submit to higher authorities for geological and cultural heritage preservation; participating in activities of the Global Geoparks network, Vietnam Geoparks network.





Experts agreed and proposed Quang Ngai province to set up a specialized Management Board for Ly Son - Sa Huynh Geopark.


Quang Ngai is focusing on completing dossier of Ly Son - Sa Huynh geological Park to UNESCO in November 2019. After that, the locality will continue to submit documents to the National Heritage Committee to recognize and submit to the World Heritage Council for UNESCO to recognize Ly Son - Sa Huynh as the Global Geopark.


The core value of the Global Geopark focuses on 15 key areas to realize the mission of conservation and sustainable development. The objective of this program is to preserve geological heritage and rational use of natural resources, respond climate change, reduce geological hazards, preserve biodiversity, cultural and religious heritage, keeping local and indigenous knowledge.


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