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Implementation of compensation and site clearance for the project linking Thach Bich Bridge and Tinh Phong

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​The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has just approved the Management Board to implement support for the compensation, land clearance on the road connecting Thach Bich bridge and Tinh Phong.

The Management Board is responsible for urging the Management Board of Son Tinh district construction investment and development project to perform the assigned tasks.

 At the same time, they coordinate with the concerned departments and branches and the People's Committee of Quang Ngai city, the People's Committee of Son Tinh district to carry out the compensation, land clearance and resettlement support of the project to ensure completion on schedule approved.

People's Committees of Quang Ngai and Son Tinh are responsible for directing professional departments and committees to support the Management Board in performing the assigned tasks, proactively handling according to its competence.

The chairman assigned Department of Natural Resources and Environment to proactively guide and support the Investor, the People's Committee of Quang Ngai City and the People's Committee of Son Tinh District to handle problems (if any).

It is reported that the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee earlier approved the investment project to build the road connecting Thach Bich bridge and Tinh Phong, with a total capital of more than 694 billion dong.

​The main route is designed to be 4,825km in length, with the starting point intersecting with National Highway 24B at Km22 + 280, Tinh An Tay Commune , Quang Ngai city and the ending point at Km4 + 825 (adjacent to VSIP Industrial - Urban and Service Area, Tinh Tho Commune, Son Tinh District).

The road is expected to gradually improve the transport network; reduce congestion and ensure traffic safety on Highway 1, Nguyen Van Linh Street from VSIP Industrial - Urban and Service Area to the old Tra Khuc bridge; contribute to expanding Quang Ngai urban space, promoting local socio-economic development.


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