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Expanding the operation scope of Hao Hung Port

PostDate: 09/10/2019; 8 CountView
​The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has just agreed to expand the operation scope of Hao Hung Port to serving Dung Quat Economic Zone and surrounding areas. 

According to the approved planning of Dung Quat IZ, special-use port serve the general Dung Quat economic zone invested by Hao Hung Quang Ngai Co., Ltd. ( Hao Hung port ) of specialized wharf area used in combination to serve industrial parks.

It is known that the volume of goods through commercial ports in Dung Quat Economic Zone (PTSC Quang Ngai Port, Gemadept Port and Pier 1 of Hao Hung Port) in 2018 reached 6.91 million tons.

After the integrated ports, Hoa Phat container (No. 6,7,8) are put into operation, it will increase the total cargo capacity through commercial ports to reach 11.55-12.55 million tons / year , meeting ability to approve cargo volume by 2030.


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