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Bring solar power equipment to the people Bui Hui

PostDate: 14/03/2019; 23 CountView
​To help people in Bui Hui village of Ba Trang commune, Ba To mountainous district have electricity to light up and use in daily activities, Khanh Gia Tourism Service JSC, Tuan Minh Sport and Tourism Co., Ltd. and Vu Phong Co. have just cooperated to donate solar energy equipment to people in Bui Hui.

Bui Hui village has about 140 households, mainly Hre ethnic people. There is no national power grid to use due to difficult terrain and economic conditions.

The sponsors organized the program "Lighting the future" to donate 20 sets of solar electric equipment with a total amount of more than VND 50 million to 20 households in the village Bui Hui.

Said by Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, a representative of the sponsors,  each solar equipment set consists of 1 energy battery, 1 generator and wiring system, light bulb, ... The machine can provide electricity for lighting and listening to radio, phone charger. This solar set is very compact, easy to use, so it is very suitable for people here.

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