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353 businesses, individuals registered to pay via Internet Banking

PostDate: 11/09/2019; 197 CountView

According to the report of the Provincial Tax Department, by the end of August 2019, 353 businesses and individuals have registered to pay via Internet Banking, reaching 110.3% of the assigned targets.

Presently, the whole province has 5,436 active enterprises, of which over 99.6% of enterprises register to pay electronic taxes. The rate of electronic tax payment vouchers reaches 98.14%. The rate of electronic tax payment is 97.78%.

In future, the Provincial Tax Department promotes the support of enterprises to make tax declaration online, pay electronic tax; electronic tax refund; electronic tax services as planned by the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation in order to save time and costs for businesses.

Simultaneously, it cooperates Agribank Quang Ngai Branch implemented a pilot project of tax payment through Internet Banking system for business individuals through Agribank in the province, processing to non-cash payments throughout the society.


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